MTL Warranty Policy

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The Miller Truck Lines Limited Warranty provides:

Parts purchased and installed at any MIller Truck Lines location are warranted to be free from defects based on the Manufacturer’s warranty and all service work (Labor) performed at same locations is warranted for 90 days from the date of service. Tires and batteries are warranted separately by the manufacturer and not included in this warranty. Manufacturer’s Warranty may be available at the time of purchase. This warranty applies to parts purchased at Miller Truck Lines and installed by Miller Truck Lines for as long as the original purchaser owns the vehicle.

Individual product warranty terms offered by manufacturers may vary from the Miller Truck Lines 120 day limited warranty. If a part is subject to a specific manufacturer’s warranty, repair or replacement will be made in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranty. Labor, under these circumstances, will only be covered for 120 days, after that period all warranty claims are subject to normal labor rates.

This warranty does not apply to failures in service due to deliberate misuse, accident, neglect, alteration, off-road use, or normal wear and tear. NOTE: No warranty will be provided on requested repairs that do not restore to sound operating condition the vehicle or equipment being worked on. Miller Truck Lines will only offer a warranty on repairs that we have recommended and/or requested by the customer that meets these criteria.

This warranty does not cover economic loss or additional expense including (without limitation): payment for loss of time or pay, inconvenience, storage, loss of vehicle use, vehicle rental expense, lodging bills, meals or other travel costs.

Routine Preventative Maintenance: Such as oil and filter changes, lubrication, and fluid level checks on drive line equipment, are warranted against faulty material and workmanship for periods not to exceed the normal recommended service intervals published by the manufacturer. All product or equipment warranties involving extended service intervals will be referred back to the manufacturer advocating the extended service interval.

New tires, Used Tires and Oncor recap tires: New tires and Oncor recap tires are subject to the manufacturer’s published warranties. No warranty is expressed or implied on all used tire sales. Additional expense or damage resulting from a failed tire is not covered under these warranties. NOTE: Miller Truck Lines, as prescribed by wheel/rim manufacturers, requires that lug nut tightness must be re-checked within 50 – 100 miles of installation, failure to do so will void any implied warranty on Miller Truck Line’s part.

Tire valve stem assemblies: The valve stem and core is an integral part of the air seal of the rim assembly. Miller Truck Lines deems it necessary to replace the tire valve stem and valve core assembly during the installation of new, used, or recap tires and during the repair of any tire. A customer that declines the installation of these parts will not be eligible for any warranty relating to loss of air pressure due to a faulty valve stem and/or valve core assembly that was not replaced at the time of service.

Axle/wheel seal replacement: When brake shoes are contaminated with oil or other foreign substances, manufacturers recommend the replacement of the brake shoes. Failure to authorize the recommended repairs will void any warranties to the repair performed.

Air conditioning services: If the air conditioning system has lost it’s charge of refrigerant or it is necessary to replace air conditioning system components, Miller Truck Lines deems it necessary to correct the cause of failure by replacing the receiver-drier, orifice tube or expansion valve and the air conditioning system must be flushed. Failure to perform these required repairs as suggested will negate any warranty applying to the air conditioning services performed by Miller Truck Lines.

Alignments: Vehicle alignment settings are “dynamic” and continuously change. Accidents, hard cornering, rapid starts, sudden stops, frequent driving on surfaces which are in poor condition, road hazards, off-road use, improper tire inflation and worn or damaged vehicle components can all alter vehicular alignment. Alignment services performed by Miller Truck Lines are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 120 days from the original date of service. Miller Truck Line’s alignment warranty provides that the vehicle’s alignment will be adjusted to comply with the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications recorded on the alignment report presented to the customer at the completion of the service. No warranty pertaining to these alignment specifications is provided once the vehicle is returned to service.

Customer’s Obligations: Miller Truck Lines reserves the right to inspect and correct any work to which our posted warranty applies. The servicing Miller Truck Lines location must be notified on claims prior claims prior to corrective action being taken at any outside repair facility. Complete vehicle service history records may be required to be submitted to the Warranty Claims department as part of the warranty claims investigation process. All parts installed by Miller Truck Lines must be returned to Miller Truck Lines on all warranty related work performed by an outside repair facility. Failure to do so can result in the denial of a warranty claim. A copy of Miller Truck Line’s posted warranty is available upon request.

Keep a copy of the sales ticket indicating the work that was done and showing that full payment for the service was made.